Submit Your Questionnaire Now

Submit Your Questionnaire Now

How to Hire IRA LLC LAW to form a Self-Directed Checkbook IRA LLC

Step 1: Research:  Spend some time on this website and learn about Self-Directed Checkbook IRA’s.

Step 2: Get Answers to Your Questions:  Contact us by calling (877) 827-1390 or (660) 826-5624 or email us at if you have any questions about forming or operating a Self-Directed Checkbook IRA.  We don’t charge to answer questions about our service and about Self-Directed Checkbook IRA.

Step 3: Identify a Custodian that allows Self-Directed Checkbook IRAs:  If you cannot make Self-Directed Checkbook IRA investments where your funds are currently located, you must open an account with a custodian that will allow for the Self-Directed Checkbook IRAs.  When you open the account the custodian will give you the account’s name and its account number.  I need this information to form your LLC in connection with your Self-Directed Checkbook IRA.

Step 4: Complete the online Self-Directed Checkbook IRA Questionnaire:  This provides us the information to form the LLC related to your Self-Directed Checkbook IRA.  Click the submit button.  We will shortly acknowledge receipt of the message.

Step 5: Transfer the Funds to New Custodian if you are changing custodians:  Arrange for the current custodian to transfer the funds to the new custodian.

Step 6: Pay our fee:  You have two ways to pay our fees. 

1) You can pay it from your funds by a credit card or check mailed to your office. 

2) You can pay it from your IRA funds by requesting for us to prepare and invoice that you will send to the new custodian and you request that the new custodian pay these fees out of your IRA funds.

When will your Self-Directed Checkbook IRA LLC be formed?

We will form the Self-Directed Checkbook IRA LLC shortly after you complete the below Questionnaire and pay our fees.


Street, City, State, & Zip Code
Please note that no one may contribute their personal funds to the Self-Directed Checkbook IRA LLC. All funds must be from an IRA.
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